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Raydiowarm is delighted to have supplied a Transmitter Mitt to a team doing iceberg research in the Antarctic.

The team were from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute. Their budget did not allow for the hiring of a helicopter at half a million dollars, so they opted instead for a modified model aircraft to do the job.

Operating a model in such low temperatures is very challenging, particularly for protecting the operator's hands and the transmitter from the effects of such bitter cold. To overcome this problem the team chose a Raydiowarm transmitter mitt, as good a product test as one could hope to get!

Watch the team's You Tube video below. You can catch up on progress & see another video of the model on their blog, use this link: http://etchemendy.com/rmmblog/?p=21

"At -21C, fingers quickly stiffen up and become useless. There's no way we could have flown our successful mission without the Raydiowarm mitt. In fact, since returning from Antarctica, we've been using the mitt for practice sessions.

" Even here in sunny California it's a huge help because a stable platform for the controller makes piloting so much easier. Thank you for a wonderful invention!"

Steve Etchemendy
MBARI Marine Operations Director
and RC Plane Pilot
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